New Homeowner’s Checklist


After signing your mortgage loan papers, closing on your house, and moving into your new home, you will have a million things to do, from cleaning to unpacking all of your belongings. This is a perfect time to make checklists to help keep you focused and on track.
Homeowner’s Checklist

Some items you will want to include are:

  1. Use the home inspection report to make a checklist of items to inspect and repair.
  2. Have a programmable thermostat installed.
  3. Add more attic insulation, if needed.
  4. Replace caulking around windows.
  5. Install a hot water heater blanket over the hot water heater or replace it with a tankless model.
  6. Replace all furnace filters.
  7. Have the home heating and cooling system
  8. Look for signs of leaky water pipes.
  9. Replace all lighting with energy efficient bulbs.
  10. Replace all locks and have new keys made.

Many of these items can help save you money on your new home’s electric, heating, and cooling costs, which you will continue to reap the savings on, for as long as you own your home.

It is also recommended to get an amortization schedule from your mortgage lender. This schedule will show a breakdown of all of your monthly payments. You can save money and pay your loan off faster by paying extra principal payments from the schedule when you make your normal monthly payments. For assistance in finding the best loans to purchase or refinance a home, contact Elite Financial at (800) 908-LEND (800-908-5363) or 805-494-9930 today!