When Is the Best Time to Move into a New Home?


When it comes to deciding when is the best time to purchase and move into a new home, it is based on various factors, like family, location, ability to get time off work, and your budget and how these fit into your goals. We do suggest you review the following and keep these points in mind as you start your search for your next new home since they can help save you some money.

  • Time of Year – From late spring to early fall, the housing market is busy and rather competitive. The “off season” is the winter months because most people do not want to move. Yet, for those who are house shopping, there can be some great deals to be found because the market is less competitive. Plus, mortgage companies can be slower, so processing time on your mortgage loan is often faster.
  • Month of Year – Anywhere from late October to late March or early April is a great time to shop for and move into a new home. Most moving companies are also not busy, and this is their “off season,” too, so you can take advantage of lower moving costs.
  • Day and Time of the Week – Try to move during the week when everyone else is at work and avoid weekends. Ideally, your movers should arrive before the morning rush hour, get the truck loaded, and be on the road and to your new home before the evening rush hour.

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