A move-in-ready home can either be a brand new home or one that is being resold by an existing homeowner. For the purpose of our discussion, we will be focusing on new move-in-ready homes. These types of home are typically model homes a builder will construct ahead of time to attract home buyers who want to build their own home, and which are designed to give a general overview of options and floor plans available within the new community.
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  • No Construction Delays – Since the home is already built, you do not have to worry about delays or waiting for your new home to be built. The builder has already selected the carpeting, countertops, flooring, landscaping, and other design elements. Sometimes these could include upgrade options.
  • Easier to Negotiate on Sales Price – The builder is motivated to sell the move-in-ready home, so it is possible to get a better deal, compared to waiting for the builder to construct a similar home in the same subdivision.
  • Qualify for Different Financing Programs – Move-in-ready homes can be purchased using different types of home loans, such as FHA, VA, or conventional mortgages.
  • Some Customizations May Be Available – There could still be certain customizations offered, like appliance selections or changing interior paint colors.
  • Prime Locations – Many move-in-ready homes are built on prime lots within the new community. This can be a bonus if you decide to sell the home later.

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