Limited and No documentation loans are here for you!

Elite Financial has access to a Fast and Easy Loan Program with Limited and a No Documentation Loan to streamline the loan process when it makes sense.
Many loans do not get approved from banks with guidelines that are too strict.  Now, there’s a Fast and Easy Loan Program with limited (or sometimes no) documentation requirements available for purchase and mortgage refinance loan transactions that make sense.
You can get a loan approval without having to provide paystubs, W-2s, no bank statements, and sometimes even no appraisal on a refinance transaction!

  • Streamlined Loan Process for fast closings
  • Available for purchase and refinance loans
  • Still receive low mortgage ratesFast and easy

This enhanced verification process must meet FNMA guidelines, and the property must meet the property inspection waiver requirements. Documentation is occasionally required depending upon individual borrowers profile. W-2 employees receive the greatest approval responses.

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