If you are self-employed and want to purchase a home, it is possible to apply and get approved for mortgage financing. However, unlike traditional employment where you receive a W2 you can use to verify income, you will need a little bit more documentation.

Lenders want to see steady, if not gradually increasing, income for at least the past two years. They will ask you to provide tax returns showing your adjusted gross income. They may also require you to submit copies of bank statements and other types of documentation in order to verify and support the self-employment income you reported on the mortgage application.

In addition, you will want to make sure you have good credit. A good credit history demonstrates your ability to pay your debts from your self-employment income. If you have a business, lenders may review your business credit as well.

Other things that can make getting approved easier include:

  • Having a sizeable down payment. The more money you can pay down on the home, the better. This shows lenders you have a financial stake in the home.
  • An emergency savings fund. Lenders will want some reassurance you can make mortgage payments for those times when your work may go through seasonal slowdowns.
  • Having a co-signer with a “regular” job. Lenders are more likely to approve a mortgage when there is a secondary source of income supported by W2 employment.

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