Today’s homeowners have access to several mortgage refinancing options to relieve their financial burdens. Among these options is what is known as a rate and term refinance in Thousand Oaks. As the name suggests, this refinancing method involves altering the interest rate as well as the term in which the mortgage must be paid off.

A rate and term refinance essentially pays off the original mortgage and its terms, ideally replacing it with a lower mortgage interest rate thus changing the rate and term period. Although the mortgage rate and term change, the loan amount does not—this is one of the features that distinguish it from a cash out refinance.


It can enable them to nail down a lower rate on their mortgage, or reduce their monthly payment. This refinance option is also frequently chosen when homeowners wish to replace an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) with a fixed rate mortgage. Finally, a rate and term refinance in Thousand Oaks can be used to remove the name of a party on the loan, such as a former spouse.

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