When you first moved into your home, you probably loved everything about it. After several years, various areas of the home will start to become outdated. Part of this is due to constantly changing trends in interior design. Another cause is simply that your home aged gracefully and is in need of an update.
You know your home is outdated when:

  1. You have shag carpeting.
  2. You are still using the avocado green appliances your parents gave you.
  3. You have linoleum on your floors.
  4. Duct tape is your “go-to” repair tool.
  5. You have tiled countertops.
  6. You have wood paneling from the 1970s or early 80s.
  7. All of your faucets and light fixtures are gold.
  8. The paint on the walls is cracking, peeling, or yellowing.
  9. Your neighbors ask if you have applied for home historical preservation protection.
  10. Everyone refers to your home as “That ‘70s Show” house.

Giving your home a much-needed update and renovation is not costly when you consider different options for cash-out refinances, such as a home equity loan or cash-out mortgage. You can use the money to start with the things you can do on your own, like painting the walls and installing new flooring, then finish the updates with help from professional contractors.
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