Interest rates were a bit volatile this week, rising early in the week. By today, we have seen a rate decline in almost all programs over last Friday’s report. As the world ponders where Putin has gone, Elite Financial will keep closing loans assuming he will reappear soon enough.

VA loans are not the same at all lenders—Elite Financial offers much more flexibility, higher loan amounts, and the VA No/No

Simple facts about the Elite Financial VA loan that makes us better:

  • Loan amounts up to $1,500,000
  • No upfront VA funding Fee Option (a savings of 2.15% off the loan amount)
  • No/No (no down payment and no closing costs)
  • Ratios as high as 60% debt to income
  • Aggressive rates that beat the banks!
  • Long term rate locks to protect the customer from a volatile market
  • We close on time!

The VA loan is a terrific benefit to our veterans for their service to our country. Many vets do not take advantage of this benefit, and do not understand that just because they have used the benefit to buy a home, many still have the ability to purchase or refinance using the program. Since many veterans do not understand or know their benefits, Elite Financial will work with the veteran and get them the information needed to make them a homeowner.

Elite Financial is proud to say we have been funding loans for our veterans for 26 years. We offer very aggressive pricing, underwriting guidelines and terms to help veterans obtain the goal of home ownership. Call today to see how the Elite Financial VA loan can turn your veteran prospect into a closed escrow.