As a millennial, you may soon consider home loans, such as an FHA loan, and be looking to a mortgage broker for help. A budget is critical if you dream of home ownership. Before you can compare FHA mortgage rates, a budget and what may be missing must be considered.

Millennials’ budgets today are often missing:

A long-term plan: Achieving financial stability requires reducing unnecessary spending. Look at your routines and methods of saving; investment apps are popular, but fees and links to credit or debit cards can ultimately make it harder to obtain home loans.

Emergency cash: Many millennials aren’t building up emergency savings. Three to six months of expenses saved can be a buffer if, for example, you lose your job or need car repairs or help with other unexpected bills.

Savings for retirement: A Wells Fargo study in 2016 found 41% of millennials had not started saving.1 Your budget should consider sources of income, such as 401(k) savings and Social Security. A retirement calculator can help visualize medical expenses, FHA mortgage rates, and other costs.

Negotiating skills: The ability to negotiate helps one get a fair salary increase, get a lower monthly rate on a cable/internet package, or refinance a mortgage. Later, when you may seek a fixed rate mortgage, cash out refinance, or rate and term refinance, this skill can come in handy.

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